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The Leaf Lady at the Amber Estates (Paperback)

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The Leaf Lady at the Amber Estates (Book) by Adele Louise Hayes

In the book we talk about everyday issues that seem to hit most all families at one time or another. God's faithfulness is to all creatures, not only humans, and we've tucked in the pages of this book the principles that He gives to help us seek him while we're here on earth. You'll see how He freely gives hope and encouragement.
It's the adventure your heart always wanted as a child. You'll find yourself reaching back into your own childhood and embracing the forever friends that you left behind. We share in this book the truths that will enable children to seek God and make him Lord in a positive way. The adventure now awaits your arrival; it's a delightful story for children, giving all of us insight into the mind and heart of a child who has always wanted to have a forever friend.
Paperback : 368 pages
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